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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have moved all our piano classes online, using the Skype video platform. Thus, we invite you to learn to play the piano from the comfort of your own home, for a while. Our students love it! 


Solo Piano Studio is a private music studio located in Mount Pleasant Village Toronto emerged from pianist and composer Teo Milea`s desire to pass on his knowledge of piano and music theory, gathered in over 30 years of experience in the professional music field.

Teo Milea is an RCM Certified Teacher. His own exposure to exceptional international teachers during his developmental years makes him a great communicator, an intuitive and creative teacher.

Classes address all levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced, each student is taught individually. One session comprises both theory and piano practice, following the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus.

Solo Piano Studio aims to develop best level pianists and train them for exams, much wanted contests` awards, and last but not least, to win the public`s admiration.

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  •   30 min  –   $45.00
  •   45 min  –   $65.00
  •   60 min  –   $80.00
  •   90 min  –  $115.00
  • 120 min  –  $150.00


Teo Milea is a Toronto-based award winning contemporary pianist and composer whose unique musical style speaks to the public in a cinematic way.

Teo Milea collaborated with The Opera of Vienna (Austria), he is the first pianist in the world invited to play his own music at the NATO headquarters (Brussels, Belgium) and even more, the first pianist to mount on the stage of The International Ballet Festival (Dortmund, Germany), interpreting his work.

As new achievements, Teo Milea was the first solo piano artist to reach the Top 4 at Searchlight 2016 contest on CBC Music Canada and the winner of Popular Vote with his solo piano song ‘Irreversible’. He was also selected to give the Postludes performance twice so far at the Koerner Hall, in Toronto: after Ludovico Einaudi`s concert in 2016 and after MARIZA`s concert in 2019.

Discovering Teo Milea`s music is love at first note. Listen to his music; it is the perfect soundtrack for your life.

“Some very talented people can construct pseudo-narratives from music itself. Teo Milea has the rare ability to do all this with only the use of his piano…Milea has enough talent in him to become not only one of the next great piano players, but composers, too”.
The Scene Magazine (Toronto)

Find out more about Teo and his artistic career on his official artist website


  • Lili & Dan (Alex`s parents)

    We cannot say enough good things about Teo’s teaching methods. Alex is looking forward for every class and he enjoys his time spent with Teo. It appears that Teo has a special ability to connect with his students. Even though Teo started his Toronto studio for only one year and he has been teaching Alex for nine months, he proved that he has the teaching skills to instruct his students at a very high level.
  • Corina (Anna`s mother)

    Studying under Teo? It has been an absolute pleasure for my daughter Anna. Having such a detail oriented and diligent teacher has kept my daughter interested in playing and studying the piano. By specifically and creatively tailoring the lessons to his students, Teo ensures that his students stay interested in practicing while also correcting and diligently assigning work which keeps (some) parents happy. We could not be happier with Teo Milea's extraordinary teaching!
  • Suresh and Swarna (Smrithi’s parents)

        Our daughter, Smrithi, has been attending Teo’s piano classes for the past 6 months. Teo is very knowledgeable and has lots of patience. He has helped Smrithi to improve her piano skills, starting from her posture to play piano and her self-confidence. The small tips that he gives are very helpful not only for the students but also for us as parents. He is very friendly with his students and very caring too. We appreciate Teo for his dedicated and continued support & guidance for Smrithi.  We would recommend Teo to any parents who wish their child to learn Piano.
  • Lucian – Niki`s father

    It is my opinion that our community here in Toronto is extremely fortunate to have a music teacher of his caliber. Teo elevates piano lessons to a new level. In just few months, Teo managed to create a bond with Niki, as a student, that is looking forward to his piano class, relaxed, feeling good and up to the challenge, although knowing that the hour is going to be intense. “Why do you like Teo so much?”, I am asking Niki, chatting the other day about piano lessons. “He is funny and makes a lot of jokes, but he means serious business!” answers Niki.
  • Rodica – Brody`s mother

    Teo is a wonderful teacher! My son made great progress since he started classes with Teo! We are very grateful to have Teo in our life! His talent and passion for music are a true blessing!


= 2019 = 
North York Music Festival

Tristan Le-Bui (Prep A)

3rd Place Award (List A)
3rd Place Award (List B)

Theodore Zhuo (Grade 1)

1st Place Award (List A)
3rd Place Award (List B)
3rd Place Award (Etudes)

Lara Celikhan (Grade 1)

2nd Place Award (List B)
3rd Place Award (Etudes)

Michelle Hristea (Grade 1)

3rd Place Award (List B)
3rd Place Award (Etudes)

Smrithi Suresh (Grade 2)

1st Place Award (List A)
2nd Place Award (Etudes)
3rd Place Award (List b)

Beatrice Milasan (Grade 3)

1st Place Award (Etudes)
3rd Place Award (List B)

Andreea Gugiuman (Grade 9)

1st Place Award (List A)
1st Place Award (Etudes)
2nd Place Award (List B)

Michael Husu (ARCT)

2nd Place Award (List B)


= 2018 =
North York Music Festival

Michael Husu (Grade 10)

1st Place Award (Romantic – List C)
1st Place Award (Etudes)
1st Place Award (Modern – List E)
3rd Place Award (Post-Romantic – List E)

Andreea Gugiuman (Grade 8)

1st Place Award (Etudes)

Amalia Enache (Grade 3)

1st Place Award (Baroque – List A)
1st Place Award (Etudes)
1st Place Award (Romantic – List C)
2nd Place Award (Etudes)
3rd Place Award (Classical – List B)

George Ghiugan (Grade 6)

1st Place Award (Etudes)
2nd Place Award (Etudes)

Michael Husu & Teo Milea at North York Music Festival 2018 Andreea Gugiuman & Teo Milea at the North York Music Festival 2018 Student Amalia Enache & Piano Teacher Teo Milea Student George Ghiugan & Piano Teacher Teo Milea Winner of North York Music Festival for


= 2017 =
Matthew Alexandru Poru (Grade 7)

Ontario Music Festivals Association

May 27
3rd place award 2017 Provincial Finals Competition

North York Music Festival 2017                                                    

May 27
Best Intermediate Pianist – North York Music Festival 2017 Gala   

April 15
1st place award Quick Study    

April 9
1st place award Study
1st place award List A

April 2
Qualified for the Provincial Piano Competition
1st place award Study
1st place award List B
3rd place award List C

Davenport Music Festival

April 26
1st place award List A
1st place award List B
2nd place award List C

2nd place award Study

Peel Music Festival 2017 

April 13
3rd place award List A

April 10
1st place award List B
2nd place award Study



Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 345 Gallery in Toronto, ON
Free Event. Limited Seats.


C: 647 877 2607

689 Mt Pleasant Road – 2nd Floor
Toronto M4S 2N2
Ontario, Canada

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